Your sails are one of the most important

elements of your sailing boat.

Maintaining them in a perfect state is the key to 

performance and security onboard.

Specialists in Sailing Boat services, our crew members 

are all sailing lovers.

We offer a complete range of services to clean 

and whitening your sails,

 covers, sheets and a lot more

Please contact us  for any query 

or information you might need.

Services for all kind of Sails



At DirtySails, we use a MANUAL,  ECOLOGICAL sail washing and whitening process for precise result which is gentle on your Sails.

We work on all types and sizes of Sails. eg

Working Sails, Genoas,  Gennakers, Spinnakers,  Code Zeros using for each material the appropriate process.

Desalting, rinsing, and soaking Sails is carried out with delimed water.


Specific marks treatment (mould, algae, rust, grease)


Drying Indoors 

Dry folding

Capes, Mooring lines, sheet covers, hoods, tilts and biminis washing.



We take care of all the logistics aspects according to your location!

Sails mounting and demounting

Complete check up of the Sails made by one of our experts



Delivery directly onboard ( according to your location)

You can send your sails directly to our Catalan premises.

To receive our easy step-by-step transportation guide, please contact us at:  

Drop-in and Drop-off points all over the country



On complition of all treatments,  we  offer the option to use the incredible  SailKote  for a perfect and longlasting finish.

It is a high Performance dry lubricant

Repellent to water, salt, dirt and contaminants

Decrease friction with air and water

Clean and dry

With a durability ten times greater than the products in waxes.

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